Dr. Mike White Pastor Mike Rice

Foundations: The Bible-Inerrancy

Listen to Sunday morning Sermon for February 12


Scripture has value because it can lead to the “knowledge of the truth. It has the power to make you wise unto salvation.”


  • Is profitable for Doctrine – Doctrine is what you believe. In order to have right practice, you have to have a correct basis of belief
  • Is profitable for Reproof – To reprove means to challenge or to change. The Bible is valuable for Challenging and changing WRONG BELIEF.
  • Is profitable for Correction – The Bible provides wisdom in correcting the way we live … our wrong living, our wrong thinking and our wrong habits. We’re always looking for application in our Bible studies … Scripture provides those applications for life.
  • Is profitable for Instruction/Trainig in righteousness – The Bible speaks frequently about our Sanctification. Sanctification is the process by which you grow in Christlikeness.

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