In the year of 1922, a Union Sunday School was organized in the old Gainsville School house, under the leadership of Rev. L.A. Bangle. The Sunday School met regularly in the beginning at the Love Memorial School house. In the spring of 1922 the Rev. L.A. Bangle conducted a revival meeting and out of this revival came the inspiration to organize a Baptist church. On May 25th of that year an assembly was called together, consisting of the fellow Pastors and Deacons. It was decided by this committee that a Baptist church was greatly needed in the community, and a motion was brought forth and carried that a Baptist church be organized.

We can imagine this group of loyal and devoted Christians gathering to organize themselves to Gainsville Baptist Church, some traveling a great distance on foot, others traveling by horse and buggy. All were no doubt excited, because all were conscious that a church was about to be born and a work started.

Gainsville Baptist Church was brought under the watchcare of the South Fork Association in 1922 and was seated in 1923 as a member. The church property was purchased from the county – a former school grounds. This property was sold at public auction, and Mr. Jim Smith, one of the Trustees of the church, bought the property on a bid of $519. The Lord’s blessings were upon His newly organized work here at Gainsville. The first year was a remarkable year of progress. The total membership at the end of that first year was 83.

Through the years, Gainsville Baptist Church has seen many changes, in leadership, growth, and in its grounds and facilities. Today Gainsville Baptist Church is still a beacon to the community and a place of worship for God’s servants. The membership has grown since that first year in 1923, but the vision of those faithful servants remains the same: “to go therefore and make disciples of all nations…”