The Gospel

The most important truth in the universe is that God in Christ is reconciling the world to himself. God created all things for his glory, and God’s desire is that you magnify Jesus Christ with your life. But why does God need to reconcile the world to himself? And how can you magnify Christ? Click here to discover your place in God’s story.
If you are a follower of Jesus Christ and are ready to unite with the community of faith at Gainsville, you may do so by seeking membership. The membership process begins by talking with one of our pastors. You may speak with them privately, or come forward during the invitation time of our morning worship service to inquire about uniting with our body.

As a Baptist church, members are accepted in one of 3 main ways:

  • Baptism – This avenue of membership is for persons who have placed their faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior and desire to obey Christ by being scripturally baptized by immersion. Click here for information about how you can place your faith in Christ.
  • Letter from another Baptist church – Prospective members are asked to articulate saving faith in our Lord Jesus Christ, give evidence of a life that demonstrates faith in Christ, and should have been baptized by immersion. This avenue of membership is for persons who are saved, have been baptized by immersion after salvation, and are members in good standing of another church which will transfer them by letter to Gainsville.
  • Statement of faith – This avenue of membership is for persons who are saved and have been baptized by immersion after salvation but are not members of another Baptist church.

As a church we aim to be a loving community of faith committed to loving God, truth, and all people from all nations. We would be delighted if you chose to join our fellowship as we seek to glorify God and make disciples in Lincoln County and to the ends of the earth.