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Listen to Sunday morning Sermon for April 17, 2011

Pastor Mike Rice

From the Pastor’s Desk

Recently, while gathered in my home with the Gainsville Church Council members, I made this statement: It’s a good time to be a member of Gainsville Baptist Church. My implication in making this statement is NOT there is a bad time to be a member of GBC. Instead, my point is that God is very clearly at work in the life of our congregation and in this we should rejoice. Allow me to share with you a few of the reasons for which I make this statement.

  • The unity and mindset of our deacon ministry is one that is prayerful, humble and willing to serve the congregation. These men: Ronald Boston, James Webber, Eddie Mincey, Marty Eaker, Robin Froneberger, Justin Welch and Kevin Sigmon are men that pray for you, walk humbly before their Lord and are committed to serving the body of Christ at Gainsville Baptist Church. I love each one dearly and consider myself privileged to serve alongside them.
  • Secondly, there is sense of love, joy and commitment to one another in our congregation that I believe is due to our people sensing God actively at work in their lives personally and in the life of this congregation.
  • Additionally, I would add that it was a joy for me to witness God at work in the lives of our congregation as they collectively participated in reaching others for Christ by way of the Sportsman Banquet. Men, women and young people alike were excited about working together in order to serve and take part in the advancement of the gospel.
  • Finally, I am thrilled at the interest and participation thus far in our Sunday evening discipleship! The attendance has surged to 92 participants, gospel centered discussions regarding the will of God, the sovereignty of God and the goodness of God are taking place among children and adults alike.